Belt Buckles



Mask Bracelet 

22k gold inlaid in browned steel, platinum eyes

This bracelet is an example of Scythian influence on Paul Lantuch. In shape alone it is a bold sculpture. The mask, fantastically anthropomorphic, hypnotizes from a distance. Made of solid steel, it feels heavy and substantial.

Pegasus Intaglio Ring

18k gold, carved chalcedony

Horse with Fish Tail Cufflinks

22k gold inlaid in steel, 18k gold bezels

Grotesque Mask Cameo Ring

18k engraved gold, carved agate

Hunting Cufflinks

22k gold, fine silver and copper inlay in steel, 18k gold bezels

Mask Earrings

18k gold, rhodolites, bloodstone backs

Horseman Intaglio

22k gold, agate intaglio

Paul Lantuch carved this intaglio inspired by his teenage years of riding horses and by the patterns of the stone. He designed an unobtrusive setting for this ring to focus all attention on the carving-the relationship between man and horse.